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We hear visualization success stories from a variety of sources. We hear stories from our friends, co-workers and even on the radio during our commute home from work. Our brain converts the words we hear into images or stories of what we are being told; sometimes these images are very clear and vivid.

These are visualization success stories; when you can turn words successfully into pictures.

Zoltan Toray
First story The World I Built from Darkness

People who write books, movie scripts, plays and even those who create the articles in the morning newspaper all use words to create a story; one that hopefully will be created and played out in your mind. When this happens, the writer has been successful; they were able to lead you in and become more involved with the story.

There are fictitious stories that can be relayed when heard or read become almost real in our minds. An American author, Napoleon Hill, a predecessor of Andrew Carnegie is known for his writing on success. One of his famous quotes is:

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

What a powerful statement that is and this statement validates what a visualization success story can accomplish. If you study the statement made by Mr. Hill you will see that it is actually a very simple statement to understand and to believe. If we followed this statement, and achieved success with visualization, can you imagine what are lives could be like? What a thought!

Second of the visualization success stories:
My name is Vivienne, I had the honor of meeting Morris Goodman back in 1987. just after a car accident where I broke my back. I had to learn to walk again even though I could not feel anything in my legs. His words opened my mind to what I believe I can do rather what I cant.

I have lived a life the doctors did not expect and still do because Morris taught me that the mind is the most powerful tool, nothing can stop me from achiving anything. THANK YOU MORRIS

Using stories to create a memory enforces the fact that the memory is a powerful tool. The memories make a visualization success story. The subconscious stores the story and uses it to move your conscious through motions during the day and night. Forging a new memory and repeating the story ensures that the memory can readily access this information when you need it.

Oddly enough the subconscious cannot distinguish between a tale from reality and one that has been imagined.

This is useful when using a visualization success story to create new thoughts and emotions about a particular topic or when changing a habit. If you can "show" the subconscious by using visualization techniques then think how easy it can be to stop smoking, to eat healthier or to change your self-esteem?

Our brains are constantly working; they never go on vacation. What happens when your environment is the opposite of what it normally is?

If your surroundings are normally quiet and you enter a loud and busy environment your brain has to work overtime to accept all the sights, sound and smells. You might even feel you have a headache forming. Going from a noisy atmosphere to a quiet one, you feel out of sorts; your brain has nothing to compute, it doesn't know what to do and it's struggling to find data to absorb.

Third of the visualization success stories: Taken from here

The Extraordinary Mindpower of Nikola Tesla

"Tesla's mental abilities require some mention, since, not only did he have a photographic memory, he was able to use creative visualization with an uncanny and practical intensity.

He describes in his autobiography how he was able to visualize a particular apparatus and was then able to actually test run the apparatus, disassemble it and check for proper action and wear!

During the manufacturing phase of his inventions, he would work with all blueprints and specifications in his head. The invention invariably assembled together without redesign and worked perfectly.

There is much about the human brain that is still unknown. As research is done and people are studied we are slowly learning how our brains work. We may never know exactly how it works, but knowing that having visualization success stories that you can tell and for that story to affect yourself or another is truly empowering.

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