All these "free" self esteem worksheets are great, but where do I start??!!

Self Esteem Worksheets are designed to help you "workshop" the journey to a healthy self esteem, because as someone who has been down that road, I know firsthand how it can seem a little daunting!

Where do you start? Quite simply, you start in this moment, here and now.

"Putting Off Happiness" is the perfect worksheet to get you examining where you are, at the moment, and then I have broken the worksheets into three categories that you can choose from: Perspective, Self Awareness and A Love of Life...

Ask yourself: What do people with Low Self Esteem lack most of all?

The Answer?


People with a skewed perspective tend to misinterpret events, cast a negative light on comments and events and suffer under false ideas about themselves, their lives and the world around them...

Our perspectives can become this way from a whole host of things; comments, perceptions as children and events where we suffered some kind of trauma, slight, or humiliation - whether real or perceived!

Getting a perspective that is based on things - you, your life, your value- as they really are, is a vital part of regaining a healthy self esteem.

Click here for activities to get you on your way....


It's not uncommon for people to go through their whole lives behaving in a certain way and never taking the time to ask "Why?"

We look around our life and we see Consequences but we don't stop to ask "What exactly are the Causes?!"

The "causes" are often measures we adopted as younger people or children to protect ourselves and our fragile sense of "self", and the consequences are very often negative for both ourselves... and our loved ones.

Scratch beneath your surface and you will find a lot of answers about who you are and what brought you to this point of your life, perhas you are on this website for a reason, known or as yet unknown...

Often just this very process in itself can be enough to heal.

The Self Esteem Worksheets also discuss Self Awareness...


Low self esteem can sap away all of your enthusiasm for life...

You don't look forward to the day, let alone the week?

You don't belly laugh regularly?

You tire of your own company?

You often wonder what the point is?

Life is NOT meant to be like that...

Sufferers of low self esteem often feel like their life is not good enough, just like them - they only see the failure, the points to improve on, and the unpleasant elements. And perhaps they take this as validation of their poor opinion of themselves.

What came first? - Your unhappy life or your unhappy self?

It's a bit of a chicken and egg quandary but one thing is clear - you cannot have one without the other.

The activities you find here will help you to examine your life in a new light and connect you back with a path that supports a happier, healthier 'YOU'

Here are the Self Esteem Worksheets for immediate download :

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Putting Off Happiness Breaking Bad Habits

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