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Encouraging students using self esteem tools for kids in the classroom

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Helping your students overcome negative ideas they may have picked up about themselves is essential if you want them to be able to engage in learning, take risks and explore and appreciate their own unique talents ...

Some would argue that teaching a child to know that they have value, to feel good about their abilities and the satisfaction that comes from personal achievement is one of the greatest things you can do for them - a tool that will see them through the rest of their lives.

Building Self Esteem

I had the opportunity to ask a teacher that had been with the ISM International School In Tripoli, Lybia, how she handled her non-english speaking pupils in grade two (2)
(This Australian teacher had to be smuggled out of Libya, during the 2011 Libya turmoil)

Her respose to the question: What self esteem tools for kids did you use? was this ...

  • 1.Praise - find something to praise for in every student.
  • 2.Praise - for trying (for having a go) and all effort shown by the student.
  • 3.To be told by the teacher: Mistakes are ok, that is why you are in school to learn how to do math, spell, write, read etc.
  • 4.Tests are to show me the teacher where I need to help you more.
  • 5.Bring laughter and joy into the class room at every opportunity.
  • 6.Give each child a chance to shine at something, even picking up the pencil shavings from the floor.( A reality in Lybia)
  • 7.To be firm and authoritarian at all times where a student is not trying or giving their best.

Understanding that everyone can say something to help, inform or even joke and bring laughter to all.

Building Self Esteem

A couple of thoughtful quotes on children ...

Your children will become what you are;
so be what you want them to be.
David Bly

Children are not things to be moulded,
but are people to be unfolded.
Jess Lair

Teaching Primary aged children makes you well placed to have a huge influence in this area, and you may even feel that responsibility acutely.

You may also wish to visit Self esteem exercises for children for more thoughts on how to help Children ...(opens in a new window)

Below are further Self Esteem activities you can share with your students to get you on the road:

Self esteem tools for kids #1

The "My Fabulous Self" Poster

Ask children to bring something to school that is personal and important to them (within guidelines) and provide each student with a poster sized sheet of white or coloured paper. Explain the concept of a biography to children and have them do a visual/written biography on their posters using a variety of mediums.

If you have a digital camera, take photos and print them out for each child to put on their poster. Posters can include pictures and information about family, pets, holidays, hobbies, favourite things to do, favourite colours, songs, breakdown of height, eye colour, hair colour, "3 Cool Facts About Me" etc. It might be useful to have magazines for cut-outs as well as a range of mediums.

This activity is great at the start of the year and children can have a special lesson where they get to know other people's posters and introduce each other to the rest of the class. If children are shy about public speaking, perhaps they can take notes from their partner's poster, and you can relay these in a circle sitting.

Self esteem tools for kids #2

The Warm and Fuzzy Chair

Position a chair in your classroom and each day have one child sit in the chair while classmates take turns saying nice things about them. The student in the chair is only allowed to say "Thank-You" but is welcome to give feedback on how it felt after the activity is finished. Students over time become accustomed to and get better at both giving and receiving compliments.

Building Self Esteem

One of the outstanding resources to assist you with ideas for "self esteem tools for kids" that I have come across, is here at: Self Esteem Tools For Teachers

This is a wonderful on-line resource for every primary school teacher ... I have added only one of the many positive testimonials here for you to get a feel of the value within this resource ... please enjoy :)

... a children's project with so much integrity- and with such a timely message in these insanely intolerant are definitely on the cutting edge of children's educational entertainment. F.O. Long Beach, CA

Self esteem tools for kids #3

Deep Thought

One activity that can be useful with slightly older primary aged children is a reflection activity whereby students are asked to ask and answer the following questions about themselves:
  • What is it that I am "made up of"?
  • What are the foods I put in my body?
  • What are the images I put in my brain (memory)?
  • What are the things I say about myself sometimes?
  • What are the things I listen to and watch on television and in movies?

It might be a good idea to have a discussion about how the brain stores everything we do, see, hear and say - and we carry that within us. Also, how our bodies use the food we put in it as fuel or to cause illness.

While students are reflecting, you might like to play soothing music and after the activity participate in some voluntary group sharing. You might like to then discuss with students, how what they "say" to themselves can make them happy or sad, just as what they say to others can make them happy or sad and with this in mind, make a list or share in a circle some nice things they could say to themselves.

These last ideas for self esteem tools for kids could be turned into daily affirmations shared by the class.

Building Self Esteem
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Building Self Esteem

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