Have You Ever Considered Self Esteem Exercises For Children - Find out Here Why You Should

Of all the tools, self esteem exercises for children, can equip your child with for dealing with today's competitive world; Self Esteem is arguably the most important. And as we are all too aware, the battle often starts in the schoolyard. In the aftermath of some of the most horrible tragedies that have befallen schools over the world in recent years, Self Esteem has come under question.

self esteem exercises for children

While it may appear that some children have too little confidence and some think far too much of themselves, deep inside there is likely uncertainty, doubt and even fears we are unaware of. It's an almost natural part of growing up and finding our place in the world.

And the ramifications are endless; the friends a young person chooses, how he/she performs in school, their social life, and the path they choose after school, could all be determined by his or her self esteem.

As a parent or significant adult in a young person's life, you no doubt want to do everything you can to make sure they get the best start, and perhaps even avoid the low self esteem you may have suffered in your life.

More than the love and encouragement you naturally offer children, there are specific activities you can engage them in that will help to build up this inner fortitude and resilience.

The first Self Esteem Exercises For Children, is a very simple really - and you can do this at home.

  • Most children, particularly if this is started at an early age, whilst not loving cleaning in and of itself, relish the opportunity to do something "grown-up" to help adults. This often shows itself in that the child is not keen to clean up his/her room, but is seen hanging around in the kitchen trying to help, or seen in the garage trying to wash your car.

  • Experts are now saying that engaging children in this way may improve their self esteem. The sense of responsibility and achievement provide good building blocks for a healthy self esteem and also provide practical life skills.

  • So why not use this opportunity?

  • Ask your child to always pick up the toys after playing, water the plants, feed animals, make the bed, and also lay the table. Employ their assistance in greater tasks too, like cooking or cleaning the car, so that some of the activities can be shared by you and provide quality time and a chance for them to "show off" their skills. Be generous with praise and watch them blossom.

The second Self Esteem Exercises For Children:

  • As children get older, larger and more complicated projects, achieved over a longer period of time, promote confidence and a sense of competence that carries over into other areas of their life.

  • Ask your child to help do some grocery shopping and even pay your bills (monitored of course!).

  • Alternatively, your child could plan school lunches, make the grocery list for it and then work on a roster with siblings, if there are any, to make lunches.

  • Use creativity to design a garden bed, for example, providing vegetables for the table.

  • Have children remodel or rearrange their bedrooms.

  • If theatrically inclined, have children create a jingle, a show or any kind of performance to perform at the next family gathering or even just after a special Sunday lunch.

The third Self Esteem Exercises For Children ... The power of the Adventure!

self esteem exercises for children

As with adults, sometimes going out of the children's comfort zone can be a real growth opportunity. Where possible, take children on outings that will stretch the boundaries of their mind and encourage them to think.

If there is nothing like that locally available to you, create a complicated treasure hunt that requires use of maps and compasses for example, with other parents, and set children off in teams. Alternatively, find a fun new skill that can be acquired and give the children a chance to prove to themselves that, with determination, they can do anything.

On top of all these activities, above all, create a positive environment where feedback is always kind and growth promoting. Be an example to your children of healthy self esteem, even if you sometimes have to fake it. Remember - happiness is infectious and words have power! Put little messages in their lunchbox from time to time reminding them to smile or telling some kind of joke.

The good news is low self esteem is largely a learned thing, and with your children you have the power to affect that learning greatly. With the above activities and your own good intentions, the possibilities are endless.

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