Have You Ever Considered Self Esteem Exercises for Children - Find out Here, Why You Always Should

Kids need self esteem too, and self esteem exercises for children are easy to do.

self esteem exercises for children

Kids can have a unique way of thinking, and if you have two or more kids, none are the same ... each thinks and acts differently.

Strange as it may seem, just because they grow up together, they do not see events and situations EXACTLY the same way. Just listen to an argument about something that's happened or something they have seen. Each child will have a different interpretation of the event ...(sometimes only slight, other times it's almost as if they were not in each others company at all)

What causes this skewed perception of reality. Why would children "see" what happened differently, especially if they were brought up in the same family.

Surely you would think there would be collusion ... not division.

We are discussing self esteem exercises for children, because at some stage, as a parent, you are going to come across the situation that maybe a child is not as equipped with as much self esteem and confidence, necessary to get on well in life!

When a child is growing up in the world, he/she is often forced to think and act a certain way. All the "don't do that" "stop it" "be quite" and so on, may cause the child to hide his/her true feelings.

With feelings squashed and driven deep inside and covered over the child becomes secretive, sometimes fearful and often feels "less than" because they do not seem to do anything right.

Some kids appear so confident that they are often brash and outspoken ...

But deep inside, there could be uncertainty, doubt and the world can start to look like a scary place when you are growing up.

self esteem exercises children

As innocent as a baby ...

From infancy the child forms his/her beliefs about what the world IS to them. This is learned by watching and listening, at home, in school, through the TV, friends and teachers.

Sadly most of us live in a negative world, where we struggle to survive from day to day, enmeshed in the rat race, struggling to get ahead, and this daily activity feeds the Childs belief's about the world they have entered.

In later years the kind of person he/she dates, and the jobs your son or daughter gets could all be determined by these "belief's " ingrained during childhood and now forming the way they act, think and believe.

We have established how a child will receive their "platform" for interacting with the world, and that this platform of belief's and ideas, will probably not be positive, given the way the world is right now.

Perhaps by now, as a parent, you may be seriously interested in the self esteem of your child.

You will want to do what it takes to ensure that your child is able to maintain his/her self esteem. If you answered "yes" a good place to start is with self esteem exercises for children.

Many schools today, realize the value of these self esteem exercises for children, and are actively taking them up. So if your school is still not into it, perhaps it is time you spoke with them, and urged them to read this to understand why it’s so important.

If they still don't agree about the self esteem exercises for children, perhaps you might think about finding a school that does. After all, we cannot play around with the future of our son's and daughters.

Enough said ... now for some actual self esteem exercises for children

The first exercise is a very simple really - and, you will have to do this at home.

Strange but True ... believe it or not!

Children love to perform household chores, and experts are now saying that this may improve their self esteem.

So why not use this opportunity?

Ask your child to always:

  • pick up the toys after playing
  • water the plants
  • make the bed
  • lay the table
  • help when cleaning the car.

You could also ask your child to do some grocery shopping and even pay your bills. Self esteem exercises for children like this will give you the opportunity to "praise" your child.

Praise is very important, according to one teacher ...

I had the opportunity to ask a teacher that had been with the ISM International School In Tripoli, Lybia, how she handled her non-English speaking pupils in grade two (2) (This Australian teacher had to be smuggled out of Libya, during the 2011 Libya turmoil)

Her response to the question: What self esteem tools for kids did you use?... was this ...

  • 1.Praise - find something to praise for in every student.
  • 2.Praise - for trying (for having a go) and all effort shown by the student.
  • 3.To be told by the teacher: Mistakes are ok, that is why you are in school to learn how to do math, spell, write, read etc.
  • 4.Tests are to show me the teacher where I need to help you more.
  • 5.Bring laughter and joy into the class room at every opportunity.
  • 6.Give each child a chance to shine at something, even picking up the pencil shavings from the floor.( A reality in Lybia)
  • 7.To be firm and authoritarian at all times where a student is not trying or giving their best.
  • Understanding that everyone can say something to help, inform or even joke and bring laughter to all.
Reference: http://www.buildingself-esteem.com/self-esteem-tools-for-kids.html

Schools could take up some self esteem exercises for children too. Here's a great game that can be tried.

  1. Give each child in the class a piece of paper.
  2. Ask everyone to write down the names of everyone in the class.
  3. Tell them to write the good qualities of everyone.

Once the papers are collected, the teacher can read out the good qualities.

Every child would love to hear good things about themselves,, and this can immensely increase the self confidence.

The exercise above is a simple one, but can deliver huge results ...try it and see.

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