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Ever wondered if your self esteem activities can really change your life?

Most people hate self esteem activities because it means they have to DO something ... why is this one different!

We often spend so much time stuck in our daily routine that we completely forget that we want success, we want meaning and we want significance in our own life.

As we trudge through each day, we just ignore the dreams of experiencing a better life, or maybe because we "believe" we are undeserving, we just go on with life, head down, and with a shrug of our shoulders saying something like" Ah well, nothing will ever change, I'll just put up with low self esteem and try and hang in there."

Why bother using self esteem activities at all?

Because having good self esteem is essential for an individual's personality, it's a measure of how you will enjoy life (or not).

It measures the level of:
  1. happiness
  2. significance
  3. and satisfaction,
  4. and lastly, because it doesn't take a miracle to achieve any of this.

In fact, there will come a pivot point in your growth, where increasing self esteem will become effortless, and the positive rewards in life, will grow larger and stronger, overshadowing the negative thoughts that have haunted you all your life. Soon your poor self esteem will be relegated to the garbage bin, where it belongs.


Are you ready to start living a stress-free life, full of love, happiness, significance and satisfaction? Are you ready to become the person you have always sensed your are?

Why Is This Self Esteem Activity, The Precise Tool To Create A Powerful, Exciting Life?

I could at this stage start to list a series of self esteem activities that you could read through and contemplate whether they will changing your life, even the slightest.

But in my experience as soon as I came across a list like this, I simply shut down, turn the page...Click...

... because the list was meaningless, it never showed me the steps I needed to take, it just made, vague suggestions like ... "after you read this, you'll be fixed" ... ( Oh, I wish there was a magic bullet :)

Without further ado ... let me introduce you to the self esteem activity which is, unfortunately, and incorrectly viewed by many as the "bane of all activities" ... but before I do I want to give you some statistics, and from these, you will understand why some people just screw up their success, and quite royally too ...

Self esteem activities that never were... sort off.

  • * Fewer than 24% of people have the ability to grow their dreams into significant events in their lives.
  • * Therefore, a staggering 76% of people, allow their dreams, and their goals in life to dissolve, and to drip into the glacial pool of inaction and die.

What a total waste of a perfectly good and unique life.

Another amazing statistic, reveals that almost 80% of the world's population feels dejected with low self esteem and almost 50% of people stay that way ... all their life ...that really sucks!

Folks, this can change ... easily and with a complete step by step map, about "HOW" to change...just by taking on board this one tiny, little activity.

What Self Esteem Activities Can Really Change Your Life?

The Power of Goals ... stay with me....This is the real deal ....

"You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things -- to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals." ~ Sir Edmund Hillary, First to climb Mt. Everest

From www.thinktq.com who have the world's foremost training (virtual) products for personal excellence, we get a statistically precise insight into a picture of Goal setting, the number one of all self esteem activities.

  1. * 17% of our database rated their skills Excellent. More than 47% rated their goal-setting skills Poor.

  2. * People continue to confuse DREAMS, GOALS and PLANS... causing a disconnect between where they think they are going, vs. where they are actually headed.

  3. * People spend a tremendous amount of time "getting ready to get ready," and rarely take the actions necessary to insure the success they desire

Pretty poor statistics if I do say so .....

...but goal setting is the self esteem activities people hate... Sure it is...that's why "People spend a tremendous amount of time "getting ready to get ready," and rarely take the actions necessary to insure the success they desire"

It's simple common sense...if you continue to procrastinate, you're probably going to be in the 76% of people that let their dreams .....expire....and die....Sad but true... The reality is, your dreams and desires are in your hands ... if you want a significant life, start the most valuable self esteem activity there is ... now ... or at least focus on doing something about it!

What are the simple steps to setting laser focus goals that will deliver happiness, significance and satisfaction?

I know you probably don't like having to put in the effort, but if you want something different in your life, you have to STOP doing the same things, day after day...Like PROCRASTINATION :)

Remember these tips are from the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence, backed by 25 years of experience.

Your self esteem activities success list

  • 1. To make your dreams come alive, visualize the end result and focus on that which you want.

  • 2. Should you have several interests or roles in life, source one definite goal for each.

  • 3. Your goals should be aligned with as close as possible t0 your life's mission.

  • 4. Your goals should be slightly higher than you think you can achieve, this will fire your spirit to action.

  • 5. Get out your pen, write your goals down, in detail with dates.

  • 6. Commit, with certainty, to hitting every one of your targets.

  • 7. Tell others about your goals to obtain mutual help.

  • 8. Create a time line for your goals, with daily, weekly and longer term goals, complete with start times and finish dates.

  • 9. Visualise each day how awesome it's going to be when your goals are realized.

  • 10. Action the steps towards completing one goal each day.

For much more information and activities for building self esteem, with really insightfull direction, I recomend taking a look at: http://www.thinktq.com/ where their motto is: Achieving Success...On purpose

I personally use this product and I have to tell you, its the best one I have ever come across ... Why?

Simply because they can fix your problems ... period! If you are confused, dejected and depressed, hoping for a way out of your nightmare, committing slow-motion suicide - dying a little inside each day - and torpedoing any chance of a life of your dreams, they have the CURE.

How many of these issues apply to you:

  • You have no direction and are constantly running in circles ...
  • You have little money ... and lack real financial freedom ....
  • You are deep in debt ... leveraged to the hilt ... one step away from disaster
  • No time for you ... no time for others ... totally burned out
  • You are driven by fear ... constantly worried, stressed to the max ...
  • You lack focus on top priorities ...
  • Your relationships are in a mess ... worse, you're not even aware of it
  • You are no closer to the success you desire than you were 10 years ago ...

... and on and on ... I'm not trying to depress you, but these are basic truths, the symptoms of a deeper problem ... Lack of direction ...

http://www.thinktq.com/ isn't for everyone ... because it takes effort. But if you want to really start living, the best self esteem activities I can point you to are right there. TQ comes in book form and also audio. I use both, actually prefering the audio version, along with the most in depth worksheet EVER. When you have finished this course you will know your purpose on earth and will be living the dream.

Make sure you click through to: Success on Purpose on the TQ website

Start discovering your purpose now!


"Action makes a difference to your life whilst theory entertaines you" ...

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