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building self esteem
I feel like had given me the straights to be who I am today - a confident person who enjoys life, who enjoys people, and above all - enjoy and love myself...Rey

Alex Armet

Hi, my name is Alex Armet. I am a former suffer of very low self esteem for more than 25 years, and I have learned the real methods for building permanent changes in your life.

Just trying to find the way out of low self esteem can be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately that's a pretty normal situation, even if you have felt your going around in circles, and wondering what's wrong with you.

Let me ease your mind. There is nothing wrong with YOU, it's the tools you have been using that are just not building self esteem

For children to adults ... no matter what your age, learn how building self esteem will increase your happiness and enjoyment of life.

Get your self esteem worksheets to unlock ...

building self esteem Your negative view of life.
Building Self Esteem Why you find rejection so difficult to deal with.
Building Self Esteem Why you can't accept your body because you feel overweight.
Building Self Esteem The reasons you shun relationships, because there is "no way" your getting naked!
Building Self Esteem Why you feel your so ugly.
Building Self Esteem The reason you mistrust others, even those that show you affection.
Building Self Esteem Why you can't keep a relationship going.
Building Self Esteem Why you have a perfectionist attitude.
Building Self Esteem The reason why building self esteem has been so "hidden".
Building Self Esteem Why you are scared to take risks.
Building Self Esteem The blaming behavior you exhibit.
Building Self Esteem The fear of being ridiculed.
Building Self Esteem Why you are so dependent on others - you let others make the decisions.
Building Self Esteem Stop the replay of conversations in your head when you blame yourself.
Building Self Esteem Never go for the date, because your scared they won't look past your weight.
Building Self Esteem Feel insecure or not sure of yourself.
Building Self Esteem Getting over criticizing parents.
Building Self Esteem Stop talking badly about yourself.

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While your learning the art of gaining self confidence life can be like living on roller coaster - discover how to get off, forever.

Building self esteem is a real need for millions of people... but ...unfortunately it's not an overnight fix.

Only those that have never done any personal growth work believe that personal growth is easy.

Of course it does become easier, but up to that point, change is often resisted, as this quote explains ...

The tragedy of many people's lives is that, given a choice between being "right" and having an opportunity to be happy, they invariably chose being "right".

This "being right" is an issue, where people will always choose the scenario that supports and strengthens their belief's and views of "how they THINK" life should be, regardless of the fact that going the other way would bring them happiness.

Discover UNIQUE tips to building self esteem ... and never look back!

"you have powers you never dreamed of.
You can do things you never thought you could do.
There are no limitations in what you can do
except the limitations of your own mind."
- Darwin P. Kingsley

I would just like to add this note:

To get away from the anxiety, fear that surfaces when you start building self esteem in earnest, people will often do anything to stop the feeling of discomfort and anxiety ...its the old saying "Getting out of your comfort zone"
But if you don't do something different, you're just going to get the same old life back :(

So monitor your behavior for the actions below, which are commonly used to slow down or stop building their self esteem:

  • excessive use of:
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • sex
  • television
  • spacing out
  • eating

These actions are used as a distraction, to get rid of the feeling of "being overwhelmed" ... if it's "out of sight and out of mind" there will be no pain and everything will be alright

It's called Procrastination, and those are some of it's names!.

Decide to change and build your self esteem, find out your true purpose in life and LIVE, don't just drag yourself through each day and get up and do the same day after day.

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